Migraine Relief

Jul 29, 2021

‘It’s working! I haven’t had one migraine.’

Diane came for Homeopathic treatment with me presenting with severe migraines 2-3 times per month and each episode lasting 2-3 days.

They were worse:

  • before her period
  • when upset
  • after drinking coffee
  • after strong smells

The migraines felt better from:

  • cold applications
  • lying in the dark

They always started in her right eye and moved up over her head and down into her neck. She described the pain as strong and continuous. Starting small and building over the days. Every month she would take up to 3 boxes of strong painkillers.

Diane also complained of very heavy, clotted, irregular (since the birth of her daughter) periods, The period lasted 15 days every month with 6 days in the middle being unbearable – she was exhausted from the heavy blood loss, irritable with her daughter beforehand and suffered with pains in her joints. These symptoms all left her unable to do much during this time.

Diane also suffered with pus filled painful spots on her face with bloating in her face and knees.
She had trouble falling asleep at night and would wake unrefreshed.

Natrum Muriaticum was prescribed – this is a wonderful Homeopathic remedy for migraine, insomnia and premenstrual syndromes. I saw Diane 4 weeks later:

How are you doing since I last saw you?
‘It’s working! I’m sleeping better and in the morning I feel recharged and don’t have to drag myself out of bed…. My period was shorter… It used to last 15 days but this month it only lasted 4 days… I feel more light and have more energy. I climbed a mountain on the 4th day of my period – before I would be lying in bed with pain in my knees, exhausted.’

Have you had any migraines?
‘Not one! Every month I took the tablets but I looked in the drawer and the box is still closed. I even had a coffee and no headache.’

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