A Case of Covid

May 6, 2022


“I’m concerned it’s my lungs, the pain is localized and constant. I am coughing up a lot.”

I have been treating Holly and her children for the last 6 months with good success for various ailments. At the beginning of November she booked in with me and told me she had tested positive for c…d. She was miserable and went on to describe some pretty distressing symptoms:

😔 Bruised, muscle pain over her whole back and spine which settled in the lung area.
😔 Dizziness on standing.
😔 Hadn’t eaten for days.
😔 Churning, bubbling stomach.
😔 Extreme thirst.
😔 Shooting pains in joints.
😔 Pulsing headache radiating through jaw and neck.
😔 Complete exhaustion.
😔 Coughing up copious amounts of sticky, yellow phlegm.

3 days after starting her prescription Holly emailed.

The pain had gone from her back.

She was still bringing phlegm up and her lack of appetite remained.

3 days later we met again on Zoom.

Holly was feeling totally wiped out and her legs and muscles hurt.

Appetite had returned and Holly is able to eat small portions of food.

1 week later:

Energy levels 90% improved and doing really well, went for a walk with the kids for an hour in the fresh air.

Holly continues to improve and I envisage her making a full recovery. I have prescribed remedies to ensure she doesn’t relapse and to keep her well over the winter.

This case shows us that, yes c…d can be rough and no walk in the park. It also shows us that it can be gotten through in a reasonably short space of time.

There are homeopaths the world over treating c…d cases with great success. I share this case with you to illustrate that there is hope and ways you can help yourself if you find yourself with symptoms.

The remedies we use support the body through the illness and we prescribe on the symptoms that are uppermost – whether that may be. Each prescription is individualized to the presenting complaint and where the patient needs support most.

That is why it is so important to keep in regular contact during treatment of c…d. This ensures the homeopath can track progress, change prescription if necessary and offer emotional support during what can be a daunting time.

There are many ways you can support yourself and your family over the coming winter months:

🌿 Regular fresh air and exercise.
🌿 Increase Vit C and D
🌿 Eat foods appropriate to the season – warming soups, stews and porridge are perfect.
🌿 Keep hydrated with good, clean water.
🌿 Keep the fear at bay – This is detrimental to your health – both physically and emotionally.

If you do find yourself with symptoms of c…d please get in touch. I am finding the remedies I use with my patients are ensuring a swift recovery with less opportunity of relapse.

I advise all of my patients to buy a small homeopathic kit to keep in the home. This ensures they have the remedies needed on hand for easy, quick prescribing. Kits are cheaply available the world over. Please let me know if you would like a list of stockists.

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