A Case of Suspected Dyslexia

May 6, 2022


Maisie, 8 years old, has suspected dyslexia. Her reading level is at five year olds. She receives help from school, gets outside tuition and is struggling in class.

Fast forward 5 months and her reading, fluency and sight words are at 7 years and 3 months.

Comprehension is at 11 years and 6 months.

What incredible results in just a few short months!

This is a game changer for Maisie – She is now on a par with her peers in class and many of the anxieties associated with school will surely slip away.

I prescribed Maisie a beautiful combination of remedies that I have seen benefit children with delayed development in many different areas.

When a parent tells me they see:

  • A slowness to comprehend.
  • A delay in development.
  • An inability to connect.
  • A backwardness.
  • A lack of independence with dependence on others.
  • A doubting of abilities.
  • A fear and crippling inability to make decisions for themselves.

This remedy combination MUST be considered for children in this state.

It produces quite simply amazing results.

We observe the child opening up, beginning to walk, wanting to dress themself, becoming independent of the mother, finding their voice…. or learning to read!!

  • Does your child struggle?
  • Would they benefit from some support around learning and comprehension?
  • Do you wish your child would take some initiative and feel more confident?

If so please get in touch and let’s see where homeopathy could take them.

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