Arthritic Case

Jul 29, 2021

Martina, 54 came to see me with Arthritic Symptoms. She was experiencing weakness when turning the lids of jars and an awful burning sensation in her knuckles, especially the big joint of her thumb. It sometimes felt like a thick needle was being driven through them.

Hard nodules were forming on her knuckles which caused unbearable pain and a decrease in her mobility and usage.

Martina felt stiff and achy in the mornings and would take up to three hot baths to get her going. This resulted in her day starting very late and as a result not achieving what she had set out to do.

Martina had many issues surrounding sleep – falling asleep was difficult, tossing and turning throughout the night and then waking feeling unrefreshed.

Prescription – Rhus Tox.
A great remedy for Arthritic symptoms that are better for warm applications and improve with continued movement.

Follow up 4 weeks later…
Martina observed better sleep, it no longer took ages to fall asleep and the sleep was of better quality. This had an effect on the following day regarding energy levels and state of mind.

The burning, stinging pain in her knuckles had gone and there was a dull ache left behind. This was much more manageable than the former pains.

Treatment continues and we are now focusing on helping to break down the calcium deposits on her knuckles. This will be done with Homeopathic remedies, tissue salts and castor oil wraps.

As is evident from Martina’s case we can see how Homeopathy can reduce painful symptoms. Her pain has not gone completely, it may never but Homeopathy has enabled her to live an easier life with less pain and therefore complete more in her day.

Please get in touch if you or your loved ones suffer with Arthritis and would like some help.

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