Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Parents bringing their children to me for treatment with autism come with a range of concerns:

Speech delay or loss of speech.


Behavioural, aggression and hyperactivity.


Sleep disturbance and insomnia.


Learning difficulties.


Gut function and issues around food.

Parents of children with autism face daily the worry and anxiety which comes with caring for their children.

You wish your child could be heard, to tell you their needs and desires.
Imagine if they could understand you, simple commands and the world around them.

A decent night’s sleep – for them and you would improve health and mood. So much repair and growth goes on during sleep, how can anyone function and develop with just a few hours a night?

The gut-brain connection is an issue for so many autistic children and many present with ‘leaky gut’ which has an effect on brain function.
I work a balancing gut flora which aids assimilation of nutrients from foods.
A strong, healthy gut improves behaviours and sensitivities.

Homeopathy can help with all the issues listed above that parents face daily. It works by addressing the root cause of an issue. There are often significant events in a child’s life which have helped contribute to this state.

Were there any specific, traumatic events during pregnancy, birth or delivery that may have harmed or shocked your child? Were many medications or antibiotics prescribed during pregnancy or the birth process?

Did you child react, or did you observe any change after any medical procedure or wellness visit?

Often parents can pinpoint a certain time where they observed changes in their child, other times it is harder to say. With careful homeopathic case taking, all significant events from birth to present day are considered.

In practice I often treat children that present with a heavy toxic, metal or viral load. The remedies prescribed gently detox these burdens placed on the immune system leading to better neurological and gut function.

During treatment I use homeopathic remedies, nosodes, tissue salts, organ supports and gentle detox to help these children heal.

My aim when treating children with autism is to help them live their best lives and to reach their full potential. Not to fit in with society’s strict norms but for the children to be free from the issues which hold them back.

Over the years parents have reported back to me that their children experience:


Improved vocabulary and understanding.


Less aggression and hyperactivity.


More refreshing sleep patterns.


Improved bowel function – Stools are properly formed, less diarrhea/constipation and less toxic smelling.


Better concentration levels in school.


Increased connection with siblings and family members is observed.


Better social interaction.


Less stimming behaviours and anxiety is reduced.

My journey to International Homeopaths for Autism

International Homeopaths for Autism.

I am extremely fortunate that I work closely with a group of seven homeopaths living and working worldwide. We are an experienced team specialized in helping children diagnosed with autism, ADHD and PANDAS.

Working together as a team we are able to support each other when needed which I find invaluable.

Our goal is to help more families dealing with these issues and to gather data through the use of the ATEC test which is sent automatically to parents at the beginning of treatment and every 3 months after that. This is a known test within the autism community and allows us to gather quantifiable, descriptive data regarding our patients’ treatment with a view of publishing in the future.

All information is gathered using an online database which automates our research. Here we are able to track the efficacy of our treatment and create a consistent performance measuring database. By using these tools we are able to provide much needed evidence that homeopathy works at reducing symptoms in ASD children.

There is a mix of knowledge and specialisation within our team – Including a medical doctor, nutritionist, data analyst, mothers of children recovering from autism and PANs and prescribers of detox therapy. Each member of the team brings her own strength, experience and knowledge.

Working online, worldwide.

The healing is beautiful if you can allow the body to do what it needs over time.