Back to School Boost

May 6, 2022


It’s that time of year again…. The kids are back to school and everyone is already out sick with coughs and colds. Made even harder this year as they aren’t allowed through the school gates with a runny nose.

This means lot’s of time taken off and kids and adults alike missing out on all the fun activities that have only just returned.

So, what can you do about it?

How can you keep yourself and your family in great shape
for the coming winter months?

I am biased, so of course I will say homeopathic treatment!! My small family all see our wonderful homeopath regularly. She helps with various ailments that come up during the year and I do believe it is because of the remedies she prescribes that we rarely find ourselves sick during the winter months. Our immune systems are working well so when we are exposed to a virus or there is a bug going round the class my two are rarely affected.

Our level of health is at an optimum by keeping on top of things. If I see the kids are getting run down or there are issues that need addressing I make an appointment with her and she is able to help every time. This guarantees no time off school or work and we are able to get on with our lives.

Do you have a child that could benefit from a boost before winter sets in?

Are your kids run down and full of mucus?

Coughing at night?

Repeated ear infections or sore throats?

Having trouble adjusting to the new normal?

Do they pick up everything that’s going around?

Your child may benefit from an individualised program of remedies to keep them healthy this winter.

In our home in addition to the wonderful remedies we also:

Eat appropriate foods for the season – porridge in the morning, root vegetables, stews and casseroles.

Lots of fresh air and long walks with the dogs – keeps everyone moving, blows the cobwebs away and ensures a good night’s sleep!

Increased levels of Vitamin C – given if I see any signs of sniffles, really helps ward off colds and helps to decrease the severity of flu too.

Elderberry syrup daily which is full of Vit C – My partner makes this up every year. The kids love it and it can be made into a hot drink too. Delish!

Looking to the winter as a season to be enjoyed not feared. We will spend more time at home, as a family, by the fire.

Life slows down just as it should.

How do you keep well over the winter months?

I would love to hear your tips and tricks.

The above are all simple and effective ways everyone can keep going during the winter months, if you do feel you or the kids need an extra boost coming into the winter please do get in touch for an appointment.

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