Bye, Bye Stye

May 6, 2022


They are excruciatingly painful and unsightly…. Yes I am talking about Styes.

I have never in all my years of practice treated as many styes as I have done in the last few months. What is most shocking to me is the amount of children that are presenting with them. Not something I have ever come across before.

Styes present in many different ways:

  • Either on upper or lower lids.
  • 1 single stye or multiples along the lash line.
  • The majority are extremely painful – If they aren’t then there are specific remedies for painless styes.
  • Some suppurate, others are yet to come to a head.
  • Some better for warm applications, others better for rubbing, others worse for bathing, others are itchy.

However your stye presents be sure there is a remedy to help. Everyone is different so every stye is different.

This is the beauty of homeopathy – Each prescription is completely individualised based on your specific symptoms.

A stye is your body’s way of telling you that you are run down and unable to fight off this infection, in need of rest or faced with some kind of emotional upset or trauma that isn’t being processed fully.

The body is clever this way… Letting you know something is out of kilter and in need of attention.

With homeopathic remedies not only is the stye helped to heal but also the root cause is addressed as to why your body was unable to deal with the infection.

By bringing your level of health up to an optimum you will be in a better position to fight off whatever life throws at you the next time.

‘’I feel great, it started to drain and the relief from that was immediate. Over the next two days more came out and the hard lump has now gone!

After feeling so sickly for so long I found myself dancing around the kitchen the other day!’’

So, if you, like many of my recent patients are suffering with a stye, don’t hesitate to contact me and we will have you dancing around your kitchen in no time!!

Kind regards,

Alex Taylor Lic.I.S.Hom
Classical Homeopath

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