Cervical Changes

Jul 29, 2021

Natalie, aged 30.

‘During an infection – it is dull and aching all the time. I have a constant urging to pee, it’s so uncomfortable and I can’t go out. The pain is worse after urination and it feels like I’ve held it for too long… it is smelly – pungent, strong, dark and cloudy.’

Severe cell changes in her cervix were found after a Colposcopy and she had been told she would need to undergo laser surgery under general anaesthetic to remove them or they could turn cancerous.

A slim, pretty, capable young woman, Natalie had a warm feeling about her and talked comfortably about herself and her ailments.

She told me she was arty and creative and loved those types of people. She loves writing which helps her if she’s feeling down. She cannot stand injustice to others and this is reflected in her job – working for a mental health charity.

I asked Natalie when her symptoms started and she told me about a very stressful time with her ex partner – she had felt unwanted by him.

‘Emotions, I can’t deal with stuff…. there were tears and tears and tears.’

These recurring, debilitating ailments meant that she was stuck in a seemingly endless cycle of infections, medications and an inability, at times, to leave the house or lead a fulfilling life.

I prescribed Causticum – a remedy with an affinity for the bladder. Patients that need this remedy are often extremely sympathetic to others and cannot stand injustice.

I saw Natalie 4 weeks later and asked her how she was:

‘I’m fine, I can’t feel any of the usual stuff. As soon as I took it I felt different in that whole area, different in a good way.’’

Over the next few months of treatment Natalie did really well. She suffered no further bladder infections and was able to deal with a house move, job promotion and family situations with no pain or problems in her bladder.

Natalie was under immense pressure by the hospital to have surgery and decided to change hospitals to one with a specialist Colposcopy unit. She wanted to delay surgery as she had already seen such great results using Homeopathy. At this point I added Aur-Nat-Mur to her prescription. This works as an organ support for her cervix – helping deal with cell changes and any inflammation.

2nd Colposcopy showed:

‘..cell change for the better.. gone back down the scale to borderline… from severe endocervicitis to moderately dyskaryotic’

The specialist was happy to monitor her progress in 6 months and said she ‘was to continue doing whatever she was doing.’

Natalie, with the help of Homeopathy and an active role in her healing was able to avoid major surgery and live a life free of pain. She continues to be infection free and recently had a baby boy.

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