Changes Observed One Month into Treatment!

May 6, 2022


Just wanted to write a little piece on a 3 yr old girl I have been treating for just one month.

Valerie’s mum brought her to me with chronic diarrhea and an early autism diagnosis.

She was not a happy little girl and spent a lot of time crying. When she would wake in the morning her mum said she would cry for ages really loudly and she couldn’t be consoled.

Her diarrhea was copious and extremely strong smelling – windows and doors would have to be flung open.

There was lots of undigested food in her nappies and her clothes would need to be changed every time.

Fast forward 1 month and 1 prescription…..

👍Waking happy and playing by herself – no longer crying for long periods of time.
👍Crying greatly reduced.
👍Mum is visibly more relaxed and less concerned for her daughter.
👍She feels real hope for her future.
👍Valerie is seeking out her mum’s face and much improved eye contact.
👍Stool smelling like it should.
👍Clothes no longer need to be changed at every nappy as the volume being passed has reduced.
👍No more undigested food in the stool.

Homeopathy is just amazing! Such enormous changes for the whole family after just 1 prescription.

Valerie’s gut is healing and in turn we observe a happier little girl.

This is just the beginning of healing for Valerie. Both mum and I are committed and excited to see what the future can bring for her.

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