Cough, Cough, Cough

May 6, 2022


Little Hazel, 2 years old was brought to me by her mum to help her chronic cough… which she had had since April, it was the beginning of December so that is 9 months of coughing.

Over the months it got better for a few days, then worse, then better and they were stuck in a cycle of antibiotics, steroids, of Hazel being sent home from school, no sleep (for anyone) …. An endless, awful, draining experience for the whole family.

Sound familiar?

Hazel’s cough was always worse at night, sounded deep and barking, not painful, she sometimes vomited from it and had continuous clear or green running nose.

The doctor had prescribed antibiotics and steroids but her mum felt they weakened her immunity and she hadn’t been well since then.

I prescribed Hazel the homeopathic remedy Drosera plus some immunity building tissue salts and over the course of 2 weeks Hazel’s mum observed….. Less coughing fits and was not waking up caked in snot.

I received an email after Christmas saying Hazel has had no cough for 2 weeks and she is a different child!!

Homeopathy for the win!!! This simple, safe, effective medical system helped to clear up a chronic condition in weeks!!!

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