Delayed Tooth Eruption

May 6, 2022


Ruth, 7 years old, had fallen on her face 2 years ago. She had been unable to brace her fall with her hands and took her whole weight onto her face.

Her top 2 front baby teeth had fallen out since and the right, adult tooth had come in perfectly. The left had not. It was ‘stuck’ high in the jaw with just the tip of it poking out from the gum for the last year with no further movement.

Since the fall Ruth’s mum had been able to treat subsequent abscess and swollen gums successfully at home with remedies.

She now needed help with the delayed eruption.

I approached treatment by looking at it as a trauma to the area. The tooth, roots and surrounding jawbone had been severely damaged by the fall which was impeding any further growth.

I needed to prescribe remedies for injury to bone, muscle and nerves with a course of Arnica, Ruta and Hypericum all in 30c.

In addition to the remedies I supported the tooth and its growth at a cellular level with the tissue salts Calc Phos, Calc Fluor and Ferrum Phos.

Follow up 2 months later:

The tooth had come down!!!!! It was nearly fully grown!!!!

Fantastic results for Ruth – The remedies had helped heal the old trauma and supported the tooth in its journey.

Homeopathy is wonderful for clearing old injury layers – Even years later the remedies can successfully address these issues.

Homeopathy for the win!

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