From Sickness to Health

May 6, 2022


Marnie first came for treatment with me eight months ago. She was suffering with:

  • Chronic, excruciating cystitis
  • Repeated tonsillitis with antibiotic usage
  • High fevers with vomiting
  • Performing poorly in school
  • Anxiety around attending school
  • Food sensitivities

Marnie is a beautiful 7 year old with an outgoing, confident, chatty nature.

Her mum was worried about the amount of time she was missing from school through repeated illness and with a question mark of a possible dyslexia diagnosis it was all the more important to get Marnie’s level of health at an optimum.

To witness Marnie’s healing over the last eight months has been wonderful to witness. The issues above are no longer an issue:

  • Cystitis – 1 bout lasting 1 day over the summer
  • No tonsilitis
  • No fevers
  • Tutors reported improved reading ability

Marnie has gone from sickly and on repeated antibiotics to healthy, happy and ready for the new school year. Mum has just reported:

‘Marnie is in flying form this week, an absolutely different child, loves her class, teacher, and she’s meeting new friends… just amazing!!! Thank you so much.’

Through the use of the remedies Marnie has gained confidence in her reading and her overall health has greatly improved.

‘I really like reading, I read a whole chapter book by myself.’

Working closely with her mum we hope that this academic year Marnie will be in full attendance with no illness.

Marnie’s case shows us that healing with homeopathy is not a quick fix. She was a very sick little girl eight months ago but now, with her mothers dedication to the process she is stronger and more capable physically and mentally to face the coming winter months.

Healing is a process with the remedies supporting the body as it regains its vitality and strength. I look forward to working with Marnie in helping to maintain her current level of health.

I’d like to thank Marnie’s mum for allowing me to share her journey with homeopathy.

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