Homeopathic Holidays!

May 6, 2022


I hope everyone is enjoying the summer and the heat isn’t getting too much for you and yours.

It was for us and we had to return back to the sea breeze and swimming from sweltering London a few days early.

I was so thankful for my remedies while we were away and following are a few examples of how they helped us in different situations.

🛫 Flying anxiety and Arg Nit 🛬

The lead up to travel always gets my heart racing and a sick, uneasy feeling in my stomach. One dose of Arg Nit helps calm this mild anxiety and I am able to enjoy the preparations and actual travel.

Argentum Nitricum, a great remedy for any type of anticipatory anxiety.

☀️ Sunstroke and Belladonna ☀️

My young son generally doesn’t do well in the heat and one day he overexerted himself in the sun with his cousins, playing in the garden for too long in the searing heat. That night he vomited everywhere and the next day was running a fever, off his food and lethargic. Belladonna helped to ease his discomfort, bring down his temperature and ensure he was back up and playing within 24 hours.

Belladonna, a wonderful remedy for too much sun exposure – glazed eyes, red face and fever.

🍹 Over indulgence and Nux Vomica 🍹

The reason for our trip was primarily for my brother’s 40th 🎂. We had a couple of nights out of London in two stunning hotels. As expected spirits were high as we were celebrating and much rich food was consumed and a few drinks were enjoyed.

Nux Vomica helped a few of the party when feeling a little foggy in the morning with an upset tummy.

Nux Vomica is a great remedy for over indulgence.

🦷 Toothache and Hypericum 🦷

One evening just before a lovely meal out my boy was crying out in pain with a toothache.

One dose then and another later and that was the last I heard of the tooth. The pain disappeared completely.

🦟 Mosquito bites and Apis 🦟

Once the kids were asleep in the evenings my Dad and I would sit in his backyard enjoying the cooler breeze and sounds of London.

Every night I would be attacked by mozzies. They have always loved my blood – causing huge, red, hard welts that seep. Apis helps every time by reducing swelling and itching.

I just wish I had known about Apis in my 20s when travelling around Thailand. I think at one stage I had 38 bites just on one leg. Ouch.

Apis, No 1 remedy for any type of bite/sting with redness, swelling and itching.

As you can see from the above examples homeopathy is excellent for use in acute situations where you can help yourself and your children immediately.

Remedy kits are available to buy cheaply worldwide, perfect for home prescribing. Most come with a small instruction booklet to help you choose remedies specific to your needs.

If you are interested in purchasing and need help sourcing please do get in touch.

Thanks for reading and don’t get too much sun!

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