Homeopathy for Oral Issues

My journey in treating oral issues with homeopathy started with the discovery of cavities, repeated painful abscess and subsequent tooth extraction in my young son.

The extraction happened without warning in the dental office and we were left reeling. My son went into shock and was traumatised, as was I.

Needless to say I moved our family to a more holistic dentist and I started reading and researching everything I could on healing oral issues and remineralising teeth using homeopathic remedies and tissue salts.

Over the years I have seen many patients young and old with a variety of oral issues.

Pain after dental work and brace adjustment.


Crumbling or decayed baby teeth.


Repeated abscess


Teeth grinding (bruxism) in anxious patients.


Hairline fractures in teeth after injury.


Multiple cavities.




Enlarged tonsils and recurrent tonsillitis.


Teething babies.


Mouth breathing.


Delayed dentition.


Plaque build up.

A localised manifestation of disease in the mouth cannot be taken as a symptom in isolation. Thus the whole person must be taken into account and consideration be given for the physical state and health of the patient.

Often as oral health improves so do other areas of complaint.

Homeopathy is great for people looking for a more natural approach to dentistry and oral health.

Over time I was able to help remineralize my son’s teeth which are now strong and healthy. He no longer suffers with abscess and his teeth come out when they are supposed to!

Regular holistic dentistry combined with remedies, a clean diet and excellent dental hygiene all contribute to the strength and health of your teeth.

My daughter’s markings on her teeth seem completely gone – and no pain whatsoever! Could I daresay they are healed?

My husband reported straight away that the pain was gone.

I have to report back that no infection or abscess has occurred and my perception is that when I clean underneath the gum there seems to be less space.

My son is reporting the dark lines on his teeth are nearly gone.

The abscess are gone and have not returned. We also avoided an extraction!

His teeth are now strong and healthy.  The cavity has reduced in size and is a faint brown now.  Whereas before it was deep and black.

Working online, worldwide.

The healing is beautiful if you can allow the body to do what it needs over time.