New Year, New Beginnings

May 6, 2022


Happy New Year!! I hope you had a wonderful festive season – Mine was lovely with lots of long walks in the Wicklow mountains with kids and dogs and friends. We spent time with family and after a lovely break I’m ready for another busy year of helping my patients with Homeopathy.

Every new year I tell myself I am going to get fit and I never do… Well this year is different, I am sick of not feeling 100% and not fitting into favourite clothes.

So…. I have got myself a personal trainer, sounds funny to say that! She happens to be one of my very best friends and we had our first session yesterday by the sea.

As I sit at my desk typing this I can feel that every muscle was truly worked on. I am excited for this new journey and to be focusing on my health.

Other resolutions I have made for this year:

  • Floss more regularly.
  • Sort out my dodgy knee! – Something I have been putting off for months.
  • Make follow up appointments with my amazing Homeopath for myself and the kids – Yes, Homeopaths need Homeopaths!!
  • Continue with my yoga practice with my wonderful teacher Cara.
  • To keep learning and growing my practice to help my amazing patients around the world.

Have you made any resolutions?

There’s no time like the present to take care of your and your loved ones health and happiness – Don’t put it off like I did….

  • Make that appointment.
  • Go for that swim.
  • Take up that long forgotten and much loved hobby.
  • Call that old friend.
  • Get help for your dodgy knee!!

You’ll feel better for it.

Right, I’m off to take some Arnica to help my well worked muscles!

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