She Doesn’t Look that Sick to Me

May 6, 2022


My lovely, little 5 year old came down on Thursday evening with a sore tummy. The following morning she threw up a fever and was complaining of a sore throat.

On closer inspection her tonsils were swollen, pitted and bright red.

After settling her on the couch with a blanket, a bowl of fruit (and her big brother who insisted he was sick too!) I went into my office to clear my work diary for the day and to cancel our weekend plans.

When the kids are sick we:

  • Keep them home in the quiet – They watch gentle movies/shows with little action for a couple of hours a day. The TV is not on all day.
  • We want to facilitate healing with calm and stillness within our home.
  • Food and drink are not forced on them and we follow their lead as to what they feel they need.
  • Eloise survived on strawberries, crackers, water and a little soup over 3 days.
  • We read, play cards or just lay in bed chatting.
  • Naps are encouraged (for all!)

Regarding remedies, she only had a couple of doses of Belladonna – To support her body through the fever, it is also the No 1 remedy for tonsilitis. This was all she needed.

I truly believe if we had given her Calpol/Tylenol she would still be sick now. These are suppressive medications that don’t allow the body to fight off infection as it is designed to do, therefore prolonging illness in the child and damping down the immune system’s ability to heal itself.

Instead she climbed a mountain on Sunday afternoon!

A much needed blast of fresh air and to get the body moving after 2 days in pyjamas.

She will come out of this short illness stronger and healthier having been given the time and space to heal.

We can all help our children heal, by supporting their little bodies as best we can.

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