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May 6, 2022


I hope this short blog finds you well. I have been meaning to write this update for a while and finally got around to it today.

This is an area I have been busy working in for a while now and I am seeing fantastic results for my patients using remedies and tissue salts.

I first got interested in the treatment of teeth when my young son developed cavities and painful abscess.

I thought I had been doing everything right regarding his oral health… I hadn’t.

He was my first patient that I treated with teeth issues and over time we were able to avoid an extraction of a molar by healing a persistent, painful abscess. His cavities also reduced in size and depth.

Treatment is ongoing and he obviously has a weakness in this area but I feel we are on top of the issue and his teeth have never looked so good.

He no longer gets abscesses and he kept the molar!!

We also changed dentist to one who was less of a butcher!

Since helping my son I have read and researched everything I can get my hands on regarding homeopathic dentistry and have been able to help many children and adults heal their teeth.

Recent patients reports following treatment:

  • Less painful teeth.
  • Multiple cavities – change of colour and reduction in size.
  • Reduction in size of gum abscess with less drainage.
  • Decayed, crumbling baby teeth – deterioration halted.
  • Bruxism (clenching, grinding) ceased, therefore so have headaches.
  • Residual pain from dental work has gone.


“She hasn’t complained about her teeth once and her second abscess is nearly gone.”

This, from a delighted mum after her daughter being on her remedy for just 2 weeks!

“I’m sleeping better and generally less stressed. No more clenching”

Anxiety and sleep issues.

“The pain has gone!! No longer shooting up my face. I can sleep now, thank you.”

Excruciating nerve pain after dental work.

I hope you are well and if you, your child or anyone you know suffers with their teeth or gums please do pass on my details as there are healing, non invasive remedies that can help.

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The healing is beautiful if you can allow the body to do what it needs over time.