The following are words from my clients regarding their treatment.


Period Pain

Since I was a teenager I have suffered with severe pain and cramping during my period.

Within minutes of taking the remedy the pain would be gone. I have been taking them for a few months now and have noticed I need them less and less.

I would highly recommend Alex if you are suffering from any women’s health issues as she has an amazing understanding of this area and has a very sympathetic ear.

~ JD

Warts and Verrucas

My son had warts on his hands for 5 years – big, raised and black in the middle. He also had black verrucas on his feet. Over the counter treatments weren’t working and the GP wanted to burn them off.

From the moment we met Alex we felt at ease, her in depth, friendly and dedicated assessment was very impressive. She spoke to my son in an age appropriate manner.

We only required 1 follow up appointment to assess the progression of the treatment with no additional remedies required. They all painlessly dropped off over 8 weeks never to return!

~ VS

Growing Pains

My son had been suffering on and off for months with growing pains in his legs, it would wake him from sleep and nothing would ease the pain. I often resorted to Nurofen which I didn’t like giving to him. I brought him to see Alex and I’m so glad I did. Within 2-3 days he was pain free, this was months ago.

I would highly recommend Alex to anyone looking for an alternative to conventional medicine.

~ CD

Sleep Disturbance

Thank you, she is now falling asleep on her own every night! I no longer dread bedtime and all the antics. I now have my evenings back after 5 years.

~ AL


I saw amazing changes when I began with my remedy and have experienced steady progress since then. It is a beautiful way of healing with a deep and subtle working.

~ ML

Chronic Cough

He usually coughs all day and night for weeks. With his remedy he turned a corner and was brand new in 2 days!

~ MJ

Chronic Diarrhoea

It doesn’t seem as bad, almost like my gut has slowed down and is a little more solid. I’m taking this as a huge improvement, I’m chuffed, this is huge for me! Thank you so much.

~ LD

Premenstrual Issues

Before my period I feel so weepy and uptight with my kids and husband. Alex gave me the remedy Sepia, it is a lifesaver for me during that week.

~ AL

Broken Bone

Thank you so much for Emma’s remedy for her collarbone. There’s been a huge improvement and she’s dying to take the sling off.

~ CC


After a prolonged and painful period of having recurring abscesses surgically removed I decided to try Homeopathy.

Alex’s treatment completely healed them in a pain free way and there has been no reoccurance. I’ve also found huge improvement in my energy, mood and productivity.

~ GD

Cold Sores

I visited Alex for recurring cold sores and the results have been amazing. I suffered with cold sores around my mouth for decades especially in the summertime. Huge and painful on my lips and lasting weeks.

Alex gave me 1 pill after a thorough consultation and I’ve not had a cold sore since!

~ EL

Weakness in legs

Having suffered with weakness and a tottering gait for many years and extensive investigation I decided to consult with Alex. Within days of taking the remedy she prescribed, I was able to walk greater distances than I had in years and could feel the strength coming back.

It was unbelievable. I highly recommend Alex as a Homeopath.

~ UT

Anxiety and Insomnia

Having had many years of insomnia due to anxiety related issues I can now sleep with ease and lead a more fulfilling life.

I can highly recommmend Alex’s Homeopathic remedies.

~ MD

Growing Pains

My 4 yr old was waking and crying with growing pains in her legs. Alex gave her a remedy and after a couple of days she was sleeping through and hasn’t had an issue since.

~ GT

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The healing is beautiful if you can allow the body to do what it needs over time.