The Advantages of Continued, Long Term Treatment

May 6, 2022


In it for the long haul…

I recently got in touch with Maisie’s mum to let her know it was a year that we had been working together to improve her and her sibling’s health.

“In particular when I look at Maisie it is incredible how far she has come. “

A year ago we had our first consultation for repeated pus filled, leaking abscess and multiple, painful cavities. Maisie was also struggling with a teacher at school which presented in a constant urge to go to to the toilet. She would need to go every half an hour, this was holding her back and affecting her learning.

At Maisies first follow up the abscess had reduced in size and was no longer suppurating. There was no more cavity pain keeping Maisie awake at night.

The cavities “look almost less active, they haven’t got worse and don’t look as prominent when she opens her mouth.”

The frequent urination had stopped completely.

It was during the next consultation, as the physical symptoms improved that the question mark over suspected dyslexia came up. Mum and school were concerned with her lack of reading ability at age 8.

This next prescription helped to unearth and bring forth emotional trauma that Maisie had been carrying. She felt able to cry a lot which released pent up feelings that had been building over the years following multiple traumas.

Often during treatment we will see some form of clearing. This can present in the form of an emotional release (crying, an angry outburst) or physical in loose stool, runny noses, slight fever.

This is welcomed and is viewed as a clearing out of unwanted, old emotions or built up suppressed physical ailments.

It was after this prescription that Maisie has really blossomed, she is no longer carrying the weight of these feelings, and once released she had the space and energy to focus on learning.

She has grown taller and no longer finds reading a problem.

“I had a meeting with Maisie’s teacher. She said she has made such amazing progress in the last few months and that she will definitely be recommending that Maisie go to grammar school next year. Last October the conversation went very differently.”

This case illustrates beautifully what can be achieved when persevering with treatment over a longer period of time.

Regular follow up appointments are needed to uncover, unpeel the layers of ill health. Maisie’s reading issues hadn’t been brought up in the initial few consultations, it was only when the more pressing, physical symptoms began to heal that mum felt ready to discuss the deeper issues that needed resolving.

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