The Autism Diagnosis that Never Was

May 6, 2022


“There are no meltdowns, that is very rare.”

Luke, 6 years old, was brought to me 8 months ago as he was really struggling with many aspects of schooling, socialising and limited dietary choices.

Luke was on the verge of an autism diagnosis according to the child psychologist he was seeing.

Luke had fine gross and motor skill problems and wasn’t able to hold a pencil for very long. School was very difficult for him as he was unable to sit for long periods due to getting distracted and had started shouting in the class and banging his feet. Academically Luke was struggling.

School was exhausting for Luke as he found concentrating difficult along with the added pressure of trying to hold his emotions underwraps. Mum would get the brunt of this after school with extreme tiredness and screaming.

Mum told me the meltdowns were epic ‘the terrible 2s never stopped’ and he would lash out at his much older brother and throw things.

He was extremely anxious and wouldn’t stay anywhere without mum.

Fast Forward 9 months and 2 prescriptions:

“Much better, he doesn’t have tantrums as much as he did and the meltdowns are very rare…. The last 6 months have brought huge changes.”

  • Behaviours have improved, he is more reasonable and less extreme.
  • Easier to get going in the mornings and can now dress himself.
  • Better with change.
  • Trying new foods.
  • Much more settled in himself.
  • School work is going well and he is receptive to learning.
  • Very articulate now.
  • More confident and taking more initiative – Before would have stopped and screamed waiting for mum. Now gets on with things.
  • Can nearly swim.
  • More energy and less lying around.

💙Luke had his autism assessment recently and he scored a 6, he needed a 7 to be diagnosed. So officially he is not on the spectrum!!🧡

This beautiful result with just two prescriptions highlights the vast, life changing healing that is possible with homeopathy.

🌟What a great start to the week! Isn’t this just wonderful? Just goes to show you don’t need a diagnosis to start healing.🌟

Don’t delay! If you think your child would benefit from some treatment, get in touch and we can go from there.

Hope you have a great week.

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