The Importance of Good Gut Health

May 6, 2022


This is for all the autism moms and for all the moms of kids that have bad gut health.

Digestive health is paramount in the children that I treat, especially those with autism. Often parents want to start detoxing immediately but when questioned about their child’s digestive system it quickly becomes apparent that this area needs support first and foremost.

If the digestive system is functioning below par then how can a child possibly detox. The detox would mobilise the toxins but there would be no route of elimination and therefore completely unsafe.

Once the digestive system is up and running detoxes are safe to consider.

Symptoms associated with poor digestive health:

  • Chronic constipation.
  • Chronic diarrhea.
  • Undigested food in the stool.
  • Extremely foul smelling stool.
  • Sool is unformed, loose, knotty or small.
  • Picky eating.
  • Bloating.
  • Gas or belching.
  • Food intolerances
  • Fatigue and malaise.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Skin rashes.
  • Abdominal pain.
  • Cognitive and memory deficit.
  • Toxic feelings.

The above symptoms show us that the metabolic process is disordered, the children can’t absorb the nutrients from the foods they eat and in turn deficiency in essential vitamins and minerals.

Thankfully we have homeopathy!!!

The remedies, nosodes and organ supports we prescribe can transform gut health:

  • Reducing bacterial levels.
  • Repopulating microbiomes.
  • Facilitate the assimilation of nutrients.
  • Assist in expelling toxins.

Below is an example of one of my patient’s changes in just 3 months. He went from runny, foul, green stool too well formed, brown and we have started on a fungi and mold detox.


The results speak for themselves!!!

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