This One’s for Mums!

May 6, 2022


My practice is predominantly children but I also LOVE to treat the mums too. It has been said a million times before but how are we expected to look after our little charges if we aren’t in the best possible shape we can be?

If we are carrying old injuries, suffering with our periods every month, crippled with digestive issues or ignoring symptoms that really should be addressed then we are doing ourselves and our families a disservice.

I thought I would share with you a pretty remarkable reaction to treatment that my lovely patient had recently.

Kerri is a busy mum of 3 energetic young boys. She has suffered with fatigue for years and since the boys were young she has felt the need to nap with them in the afternoons.

During 2 of the boy’s births Kerri tore significantly and has suffered with extremely heavy periods and low back and hip pain ever since. Two weeks of every month was spent in pain or recovering with exhaustion from the ordeal.

Kerri has also suffered with constant, painful and burning canker sores (ulcers) in her mouth since she was 12 years old.

Along with regular ocular headaches, old painful sporting injuries, high levels of anxiety with heart palpitations and breathing difficulties plus the issues listed above there was a lot going on for her.

The beauty of homeopathy is that a prescription takes all of these issues into account and aims to address them all.

Having been on the remedies for 4 weeks Kerri returned for a follow up, she reported:

“This is the best week I’ve had in a long time.”

  • No more napping as energy levels had improved.
  • Her ‘usually excruciating’ pain during her periods due to the tearing for the last 8 years was no more. There was no pain in her back and hips and the sore, internal bruising pain was gone. She even went for a walk on day 2 – This would have been impossible before her remedies.
  • Shooting pain in her neck from old injuries was gone.
  • Anxiety improved and ‘enjoying the moment, and laughing more in general.’
  • Just 1 headache of significance in 4 weeks.
  • No canker sores in the week before her follow up.

What an incredible transformation in just 4 weeks!!!!

I share Kerri’s story to show the power and possibility of healing that can happen with homeopathy.

Does any of Kerri’s story resonate with you?

It does with me, everytime I feel myself slipping and act on that by eating better, seeing my homeopath or doing something just for me I find myself in a better, more tolerant place to care for my children.

If Kerri’s story stirs something within you don’t delay and book in with me. Let’s start you on your healing journey together.

What do they say?

Happy mum = Happy family

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