Womens Health – Case Studies

Having worked with many different patients over the last 10 years I realised early on that my area of expertise was women and their health issues. There is so much we, as women go through during our lives – puberty, pregnancy, childbirth, menopause… and everything in between.

I am passionate about women’s health and how I can help with the knowledge I have and the backing of the solid Homeopathic laws and doctrine behind me.

Following are some examples of where Homeopathy has helped my patients:

Case A:

A was a new mother with a breastfed 6 week old. She had spent some time away from her baby and her breasts had become engorged, inflamed and very painful. The breasts were shiny and sensitive to touch.

Belladonna was the remedy which fit her picture best and she very quickly got relief. Her pain subsided and the inflammation soon went down.

Case B:

B was suffering with very irregular periods, some were light, some were heavy, they were not ‘on time’, she felt irritable and short with her children and husband before flow started. These symptoms all indicate a hormonal imbalance. Using these symptoms and others gleaned from the detailed case taking were taken into account when prescribing. My aim for B was to bring her more in balance, to even out her moods and menstrual cycle. B did really well – her flow became regular and more easily managed as did her mood swings. The whole family benefitted!

Case C:

C was menopausal when she came to see me with many of the ‘classic’ symptoms – flashes of heat, vaginal discharge, significant hair loss and some weight gain. She was really miserable and didn’t feel like herself at all.

Over a short space of time on her individualised prescription, C came back into balance and was able to deal with these natural changes in a way that were easier to manage.

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The healing is beautiful if you can allow the body to do what it needs over time.